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Darkest Before Dawn Clothing - Our Story

Darkest Before Dawn Clothing is part of the Darkest Before Dawn Brand including our sister company - Darkest Before Dawn Records, a record company that has been releasing exciting new talent in the Electronic Music scene for over 8 years. Darkest Before Dawn Clothing is proud to give you a taste of what our record label has to offer.
Our clothing is inspired by the electronic music scene and street wear in general. Our Standard Darkest Before Dawn Clothing collection comes from the record label's original logo design. After many requests for merchandise with the logo on, our company founder (DJ - Anthony Francis) thought it was time we expanded the range into a full clothing line, designed specially for our fans and followers to allow them to be fashion forward as well as supporting our brand. The profits from the clothing line are then used to help the record label in it's mission to give exposure to new and undiscovered talent within the electronic music scene. 
Over the last 8 years of releasing music and hosting events we have seen 5 successful record labels start from artist under the DBD umbrella, and nearly all of the original 20 members have progressed to the next level in their careers, either as label managers in their own right, resident dj's, or producers who are releasing on "big brand name" labels, and we are extremely proud of this and look forward to continuing this trend in the future.